Just Transition: Embedding social justice in low-carbon futures

A report of the inaugural conference, 7th of June 2023 This conference brought together some of Ireland’s leading academics to discuss their work relevant to Just Transition on the 7th of June, 2023, hosted by the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. This report gives an overview of the main

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Spatial justice as a prerequisite for a just transition in rural areas? The case study from the Irish peatlands

2023, published in EPC: Politics and Space, Vol. 0(0) 1–17 Banerjee, A., & Schuitema, G. Abstract: Energy production from fossil fuels is gradually phased out as many countries aim to transition to a low-carbon society. As society and technology are intertwined, phasing out fossil fuels impacts people and communities.

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Renewable, ethical? Assessing the energy justice potential of renewable electricity

2017, AIMS Energy5(5):768-797American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). Banerjee A, Prehoda E, Sidortsov R, and Schelly C. Abstract: Energy justice is increasingly being used as a framework to conceptualize the impacts ofenergy decision making in more holistic ways and to consider the social implications in terms ofexisting ethical values.

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Image shows protestors objecting a wind park in the Netherlands. Photo taken by Dagblad van het Noorden

At the heart of a sustainable energy transition: The public acceptability of energy projects

1 Jan 2018, IEEE Power and Energy Magazine16(1):49-55. Perlaviciute G, Schuitema G, Devine-Wright P, Ram B. Abstract: Public acceptability is at the heart of changing the energy system toward a more sustainable way of energy production and use. Without public acceptability and support for changes, a sustainable energy transition

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Perceptions of Multistakeholder Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of Irish Non-State Actors

1 Nov 2020 Sustainability (Switzerland) 12(21):1-15. Banerjee A, Murphy E, Walsh PP. Abstract: The United Nations 2030 Agenda emphasizes the importance of multistakeholder partnerships for achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indeed, Goal 17 includes a target for national governments to promote multistakeholder partnerships between state and

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What is a Just Transition?