Treasa De Loughry

Dr. Treasa De Loughry is a Lecturer, Assistant Professor, and Ad Astra Fellow in World Literature at University College Dublin’s School of English, Drama and Film; and a member of the UCD Humanities Institute and the UCD Earth Institute. Her main research interests are the study of environmental humanities in contemporary world and postcolonial literature, especially around issues of energy, waste, and pollution


I am interested in how culture and the humanities, specifically the ‘energy humanities,’ can help the transition towards a more just future by reflecting on how shared affects and desires have depended upon the unsustainable use of fossil fuels–this might include the feel of asphalt underfoot; or depictions of freedom associated with the ‘open road’–while creating new narratives and imaginaries about alternate modes of sociality, work, and human-nature relations in a post-carbon world.”