Geertje Schuitema

Dr. Geertje Schuitema is an Associate Professor in Consumer Behaviour and Technology Adoption. Prior to joining UCD, Dr. Geertje Schuitema received her research degrees from the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and was a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen (UK) and at Aarhus University (Denmark).


“I am an environmental psychologist who researches the psychological processes that underpin behavioural change, such as emotions, trust, fairness and social norms. I study if and how these psychological factors can be used to design interventions or policies. In particular, I study how the public accepts technologies and environmental policies in areas like energy, transportation, raw materials, water, and food. I am interested in how a Just Transition policy towards a low-carbon society can be designed, and how perceptions of justice influence the public acceptance of low-carbon infrastructure such as wind farms”