Prof. Donna Marshall

Professor Donna Marshall has researched responsible supply chains for over 25 years. Her research focuses on environmentally and socially sustainable supply chains and procurement practices across the ICT, fashion, food, electronics, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical sectors. She has worked with hundreds of companies from the world’s largest brands to start-ups and SMEs and advises United Nations, NGOs, companies, industry bodies, governments, and the media on supply chain sustainability and supply chain transparency issues. She is Executive Director of Earth Institute: People, Work Society and leads Fashion’s Responsible Supply Chain Hub (FReSCH), focusing on cascading sustainability practices up and down fashion supply chains, as well as the knowledge hub and business interface research for BiOrbic (Bioeconomy Research Centre). 


“Just transition has to happen not just in companies and countries but across supply chains.  Those with the most resources in supply chains have a responsibility to assist those with the least in order to transition to low-carbon supply chains. Transitioning to a low-carbon future is the only way we can contain the existential crises we are all facing and this has to be done in a just, inclusive and fair way. If we don’t help and include the people most impacted by these transitions, we will set ourselves up to fail and will create a world of fear, hunger and poverty. Just transition is a fight not just for our world, but for a fair and just way of life we all deserve as a basic human right.”