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Place-based approaches to sustainable and just urban and regional development: Lessons for policy and practice

Drawing on two recent projects, Prof. Niamh Moore-Cherry, UCD School of Geography and College of Social Sciences and Law, will give an account of how urban and regional policies and programmes must not exacerbate existing inequalities. 



In recent years, a strong “place-based turn” has become evident in public policy in Ireland and elsewhere. Urban and regional development policies and programmes that strive to achieve sustainability must be carefully developed and implemented to ensure that they do not compound pre-existing social and spatial inequalities. Drawing on two recent projects, one in Dublin City and the other focusing on three areas outside the large metropolitan areas, this paper outlines  a case for adopting place-based approaches to ensure more just policy development, implementation and practice.

Prof. Niamh Moore-Cherry

Niamh is Professor of Urban Governance and Development in the School of Geography, Deputy College Principal in the UCD College of Social Sciences and Law, and Honorary Professor at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. Her research is focused on understanding the governance of (re)development, metropolitanisation and the impact of territorial politics on urban and regional outcomes. She founded and leads the Cities, Governance and Sustainability (www.citiesgovernancesustainability.eu) research group in UCD which brings together academic, policy and community engaged work. In summer 2022, she was appointed as an independent member of the advisory National Economic and Social Council (NESC) by the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister).

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