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Just Transition in Fashion: Can it happen?

Professor Donna Marshall’s presentation will explore the tensions between economic, social and environmental demands of a fast fashion giant and the impact on its supply chain and specifically its workers.  



This presentation will give the results of research with a fashion brand, who we call, a fashion giant, that are trying to implement a just transition in their supply chain.  The research explored the tensions between economic, social and environmental demands of the brand and the impact on its supply chain and specifically its workers.  

Prof. Donna Marshall

Professor Donna Marshall has taught, researched and championed fair and responsible supply chains for over 25 years. Her teaching and research focuses on developing supply chain leaders for environmentally and socially sustainable supply chains and procurement. She has worked with hundreds of companies from the world’s largest brands to start ups and SMEs and works with international institutions, NGOs, companies, industry bodies, governments and the media focusing on supply chain sustainability and supply chain transparency issues.

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John Barry: Just(ice) Transformations in the Anthropocene: Conflict Transformation and the Role and Responsibility of Academia in Democratically Navigating Pathways to Post-Carbon and Post-Growth Futures

John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy in the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action at Queens University Belfast, will give his presentation on the need to bring together the literature on conflict transformation and energy transitions and examine the role and responsibility of academia during times of a planetary crisis.

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Kate Flood & Aoife Kirk: Just Transition and Irish peatlands: fostering transformative ecological, economic, and socio-cultural relationships with peatland landscapes

Dr. Kate Flood, EPA researcher, and Aoife Kirk, project coordinator of Connecting Communities with Peatlands, will explore the cultural context and experiences of communities in the midlands regions of Ireland as they transition from extracting peat systems to more regenerative models. These transitions require ‘social-ecological’ investment and resourcing, both for the scientific aspects of peatland restoration, rewetting and conservation and the relational networks that are crucial to building the collaborative communities, cultures and economies of the future.

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